I bring necklaces!
I was working in BodyShop, recoloring some AM clothes for my Generation Purple guys, when I got bored....So I decided to look around and found this awesome site [http://modcloth.com] via biffy's "Pleasure, Little Treasure" post at GoS! It is full of awesomeness, and inspired me to create six necklaces on aikea_guinea's alpha edit of her AF Triple Choker! I had a ton of fun, and will definitely be making more. :]
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I have a Question???
Background Info:
I am working on recoloring a ton of clothes for the male sim because my purple generation guys are all wearing generally the same clothes. So in short terms: I want more purple guy clothes, and I'm working on it but have hit a road block of sorts.

Question (we are talking about cc clothing here):
How can I tell which meshes the clothes that I recolor use? Also, how would I know if a certain mesh needs a specific EP/SP?

Explanation of Question:
I want to upload all (O_O) the clothes when I am finished and so I will have to point everyone to the mesh/original colors, and I would like to include the meshes in the downloads so people don't have to go looking for them.

Peggy fails at color...
Her hair is okay, I download all of it (;]) and I look for recolors because lately, peggy just fails at color. Perhaps she needs to adjust her moniter, because since when does gray/brownish hair = black? Or pink = red? I have no idea...but I thought I'd share my ramblings since I'm annoyed.


is love meme
literature is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

TS3 Spam
I felt the need to post some pictures from the sims 3, I have played a couple families, but I find myself wanting to play this particular one the most.
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Coolsims FHair 41 with Pooklet's textures
I retextured another coolsims hair, this time a long style. I removed the toddler age because it is ridiculous for such a young child to have long hair.

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Peggy MH005371 with Pooklet's textures
I bring for you today retextures of Peggy's 005371 mesh with Pooklet's awesome textures.

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Coolsims FHair 35 Retextured with Pooklet
I retextured my very first hair, using Pooklet's textures. I only did most of the naturals, but if I get good reviews from these I'll go ahead and do the rest of the naturals and neons.
I am completely open to constructive criticism, and if they really suck please tell me so I can go back and try to fix them. I did them really quickly (I thought) so I'm sure I must have done something wrong. Hair retexturing can't be that easy!

I'll quit rambling now, and give you the files if anyone is interested.

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American Idiot - Green Day
I found this one on someone's LJ a while ago, but I don't remember who. I had it sitting around because it was amusing and I decided to post it. I have a lot more music in my library now, but when I did this I only had my favorites from a bunch of random artists, mostly Avril Lavigne...since I had two whole albums in there from her.

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Book meme
I found a quick little meme to fill out before bed, and since I am quite bookish I thought this would be perfect for the first one I've done.
Stolen from alleliua and cpowellscircus.

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