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I bring necklaces!
I was working in BodyShop, recoloring some AM clothes for my Generation Purple guys, when I got bored....So I decided to look around and found this awesome site [] via biffy's "Pleasure, Little Treasure" post at GoS! It is full of awesomeness, and inspired me to create six necklaces on aikea_guinea's alpha edit of her AF Triple Choker! I had a ton of fun, and will definitely be making more. :]

I have some CAS pictures, and really close in-game pictures of each necklaces, plus the picture I used from modcloth. The game pictures were taken (with much agitation on my part) with FRAPS; again I kept forgetting to hit the FRAPS key instead of the in-game camera key. =_=
So here they are, the names are completely lame, I was half asleep... (preview picture is resized, click to view larger image)
Bird on limb

CAS || Original
(I just realized the charm is not centered, but I wanted to post these anyway. Check back later and I will have a file with the fixed version.)

Bird & Birdhouse

CAS || Original

Gold & Green Circle

CAS || Original

Heart-Shaped Locket

CAS || Original

Horse [My Favorite, I LOVE horses! :3]

CAS || Original


CAS || Original

-Mesh by aikea_guinea included
-Credit goes to:
*aikea_guinea at Club Crimsyn and GoS
Files are clearly named, you can delete the ones you don't want.

I understand that some of them could be made better, but I am not that great with the advanced copy/paste skills. Feel free to fix them if you want, I take no credit since all I did was take two different people's awesome creations and mash them together. Have fun, enjoy, and comments/suggestions are welcome; I would like to improve my recolor/copypaste skills. :D

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Absolutely gorgeous, thank-you.

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