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Off-the-book Nova Legacy Challenge Gorman 1.1
I know, she is starting another legacy when she gave up on the last one. Well, I haven't actually given up, I am still playing. I just don't post pictures. The Regnbue main line has expanded to the purple generation (kids of the red gen). As for the cast offs, which I also play...all of them, I have one branch all the way up to the green generation (red>purple>blue>green). I am skipping some of the similar colors, (blue/turquoise;green/lime).
I have had so much fun reading the other legacies, the ones that are actually registered in the challenge, that I downloaded the alien founder and started my own challenge, off the books. So without further adieu, I bring you the Gorman Legacy!

Let's get this show on the road and meet our founder.

So here he is: Thad Gorman, as he is known in my game. As per the rules of the challenge he is a Knowledge sim with the star sign Pisces.

I decided to set him up on a beach lot, so what is the first thing he does?

If you guessed build a sandcastle, then you would be right. *facepalm* We have a little bit of money left from purchasing the lot, so I built him a beach shack! Here's the grand tour of our one room house.

It was at this point that I thought I was ready to play...then I remembered that I had not installed a bathroom. SO..I stuck one on the end, a little outhouse if you will.

Nothing special.

Onto the story! Since this is a brand new 'hood, there was no welcome wagon for Thad. D=

The paper lady was his first and only visitor, so Thad decided to practice his social skills!
Also, little note: I have tons of skins, and recently townified/geneticized my alien skins and townified my alien eyes. =D

Thad: Have you ever been to the city? I just moved here, I heard it's a lovely place!

Paper girl: I don't want to talk to you, and I HATE the city!

His next visitor was NOT Mr. Humble, although he did keep the computer.

It was this dog! Thad really liked him but I wanted cats, so I moved Thad onto the next visitor.

The Garden Club dude, with red eyes! =D
We may be needing your garden club services later.

Onto finding a job, since the next generation has to live off the land, we need money to build a greenhouse. At the moment I believe he has about $47 after building the beach shack.

Lucky for us, we found a job in the medicine career in the wanted ads.

Next I sent Thad down to the local Roller Rink to find potential mates.

The locals were very friendly and greeted him when he arrived, but Thad is looking for a woman's touch.

There were plenty of women to choose from too, so Thad scoped the room to find the best candidate.

Ooooh, she is a very good pick Thad. Her name is Ernestine, and Thad thinks she is HOT!

Let the wooing process begin!

Then the lot lagged for eternity, and when it finally stopped, this lady flew down.

Then I was finally able to get back to Thad and Ernestine.

Thad already thinks she is the one. <3

Ernestine is a family sim, and their date is going very well.

Or so I thought...seems she has commitment issues. Poor Thad had to go through rejection twice because I missed it the first time, lol.

But she still likes him I guess...

It's getting late, and we didn't want Ernestine running off so Thad invited her back to his place.

Ernestine: Ooo, Thad is hot when he is getting bludgeoned by hail!

Back at home Thad asked her to move in, not so much a commitment but still a no.

So maybe some fancy cooking will change her mind!

Yup, chocolate chip cookies! :3

Thad!! That is no way to treat lady and get her to want to marry you and have your children!

Ernestine is a good sport though, luckily for Thad.

Thad decided to pop the big question...


He must have drugged the cookies for her to accept his proposal, but nonetheless Thad decides to get hitched right away since she is so agreeable at the moment.

YES!! Thank you Ernestine, we needed that money.

Ernestine's Stats

I had to change her hair, she was looking a little too young. She is still really cute though.

Now they fall in love...

Attempt #1: Fail

A lady from the roller rink, and No he doesn't want to talk to you.

As if you haven't seen her without clothes before...

Apparently in sim world the water is connected; so when one is taking a shower, and another flushes the toilet the shower sim gets scalded. I know only too well how you are feeling right now. =_=

Ernestine has great creativity skills, that will come in handy for the next generation.

Worried already?

Attempt #2: Success! Sprog #1 is conceived!

Thad: I can't find a counter to fix my food on! *RAGE*

Thad: Eww, that underage papergirl is ug-ily!
Yah, and you weren't trying to chat her up earlier...

Alien carpool lady. =D

More aliens, it's new to me.

Ernestine came with a job in the Medical field, so she pulled some strings for her new husband.

Herbert the LotP. Lol, I think he needs a scarier name.

I'm glad Ernestine is neat, or else the shack would be a mess.

Getting attacked by LotP, Nature++!

First Pop!

She finally finds a job, too bad she'll be on maternity. Oh well, I'm sending her to work anyway.

I don't normally do these, but I suppose I will for the sake of the challenge

Hmmm, why would I offer a reward to try and distract bullies? The school system needs a firmer hand on bullying, so DETENTION!

Awww, it's not Ernestine's fault, those brats should have had supervision in detention to stop them from spitballing!

Ernestine: Get that thing out of my face. Can't you see I feel horrible right now?!

Thad is there to cheer her up though.

Pregnancy fails plagues Ernestine. That fridge is full!

Thad: Congrats on going to college!
Ernestine: ...but I didn't.

Well he might need some serious heavy equipment, so let's get it to the victim. The pedestrians can step aside.

Wait, WHAT?!

Tune in a little later to see if Thad can save Ernestine!


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