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Nova Legacy Challenge: Gorman 1.2
Thad moved in and found a job in the Medical field, his LTW
We met and fell in love with Ernestine, and Thad and Ernestine were married
Attempt two was a success and Generation 2 is on the way
Ernestine got a job in Education, LTW
Both Ernestine and Thad were fired after chance card fail
Ernestine died in the bathroom!

I am so glad he won, he didn't seem as interested in any other girls at the roller rink.

Ernestine tries to thank him for saving her, but Thad isn't so sure about hugging a woman who was dead just a minute ago...
Or perhaps its because of the mess she had died in.

For some reason Thad is also exhibiting pregnancy fail...

Babies are on their way; Thad looks excited!
I hope they have Thad's skin, or a geneticized one. =D

But I never gave her any cheesecake...not for lack of trying though.

Thad's excitement is now completely gone, what did he expect would come out?

Ernestine exhibiting her awesome parenting skills already....

The first is a boy, his name is Mordecai. He got black hair (as all of them will), Thad's eyes, and a geneticized skin.
I have decided to name the kids after the characters in Supernatural. I'm sure I will run out soon though, especially for girls. This generation will mostly be demons, ghosts, etc.
Mordecai is the ghost from the episode Hell House.

And here is Samuel, Sam for short though. He got black hair, Thad's eyes, and a blended skin since I have my alien skins at the end of the spectrum.
I should hope we all know who Sam is from Supernatural....He is one of the main characters, the younger brother.

Shots of the nursery I built for them.

Right off the bat, Mordecai gets all the love.

Relationship stats for the twins.

Mordecai ^

Sam ^

Poor Sam spends almost all of his baby days in that chair stinky and screaming.

Note the time; whatever it is can wait for a decent time can't it?

At this point I felt so bad for Sam, and didn't want the Social Worker showing up, so I made Thad pick up Sam and snuggle him. I hope he would then continue on and care for Sam.

Sadly not...

But Ernestine does, without Thad's help...

Finally Thad takes an interest in his second son.

They are both suffering from the stress of caring for twins, even if they consistently care for only one of them.

Toddler time!

Mordecai: I's durty!
Ernestine: Awww! Don't worry I'll change you.

Sam: Pwease change meee!
Thad: No way brat!

D= Poor Sammy, he is still feeling the neglect.




Sam: Ba-ba pwease!
Thad: Eww, you stink. Someone needs to change you.

Mordecai has really bad eye bags, but he's cute in an evil sort of way.

Sam is completely adorable though, and he has elf ears. :3

Thad and Ernestine still find time for each other, though no more sprogs on the way just yet.

Cuteness ahead!

I think Sam's parents are trying to eliminate choices for heir.

But more are on the way!

Mordecai loves the table, and I love the animations!


Ernestine and Thad took a long time with the next baby, the twins are about to be children!

Mordecai definitely has Thad's nose.

Sam looks more like his Mom though.

Thad still doesn't have a job, so there isn't much productivity happening, unless you count dance skill.

Mordecai is pretty independent, he is able to burn muffins. They are still edible I guess.


I think so too, this time. Don't want you losing your job again.

Finally it was time for the first day of school. At the end of the day, Sam showed why he was named after the specific character from Supernatural. ;D

Yay! They were getting very low on money, from no income.

Sam gets to work on the next generation's challenge of living. Too bad no one really wants to buy any lemonade from him, he never gets the love.

Ernestine: Hello?! I need to get to the hospital!
Mordecai: Mom, you stink!!

Good, only one. I don't need ten kids just yet.

Meet Alistair, he has black hair, Thad's eyes, and a blended skin.
Alistair was the white-eyed-demon who was a torturer in Hell. He was in same ranks as Lillith; his first appearance was in the episode "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

Mordecai: Yay! I got a baby brother from the ball of stink surrounding my Mom!

After the birth of his third son, Thad wants to get Mordecai in Private School, and fears that Sam will get rejected from the prestigious school.

Awww! Sam getting tucked in. Thad must be using tough love on Sam as experiment to see who turns out the best.

Finally Thad finds a job too, so they can finally make money.

They are so poor that they can't build another room, and there is no room for the changing table except on the porch.

It doesn't look like Ernestine is all there, she is a litte crazed at the moment.

Without Mordecai and his many neat points, this shack would be a mess.

A nanny had to be hired since both parents would finally be working again, but Thad doesn't like her too much.

No wonder his parents don't care for Sam so much...I wouldn't like the kid either if he woke me up.

Computers games do not make money; or else I would be a millionaire by now; so out you go to learn how to catch fish!

Mordecai has better luck with selling lemonade than Sam, sims just don't like Sam...

So we end this update with the corruption of a young mind and another baby on the way!
Please tune in next time to see how Alistair grows up, plus more babies and birthdays!

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lmao. I think you should post more... but, that's just me...

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