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EMail Notifications
I am not receiving any email notifications on subscriptions here on lj or dw. I used to receive an email every time one of my friends, or people that I stalk post something. However, since maybe october I have not received any emails from lj or dw. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing these problems, or how I could fix it.
I have looked in my Settings, and all of my subscriptions have notify me by... email checked, and I have not used up all of my subscriptions yet. My email account is validated, and has not been changed since I first registered. They are not being marked by spam (as far as I can tell), or showing up in the Spam folder. lj is also not listed as spam either.
Sorry to bother you with this non sim related post, I just like to get my updates of all of your posts. I miss stalking you all by email. :3
Happy stalking simming!


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